RA Compensation and Financial Aid

JHU will launch an enhanced RA compensation plan in fall 2019, which will take effect for all RAs. The level of financial support will increase for all RAs under the plan, regardless of whether they are receiving need-based financial aid at Hopkins or not.

RAs will be considered employees under the new plan, with an expectation that they work between 15-20 hours per week during the academic year. An annual stipend of $5,100 will be paid to RAs semi-monthly from September 1-May 31 of each year.

Cost of attendance for RAs will include tuition, the value of a single room (cost covered by Hopkins), personal expenses, books and supplies, and travel. Meals will not be included in cost of attendance and the charge for the Anytime Dining meal plan will be waived for all RAs. Since waived costs result in a lower overall cost of attendance, financial aid awards will be proportionally lower for financial aid recipients. Actual awards will vary according to financial need.

RAs will have the cost of a single room covered by Hopkins. The charge will appear on your JHU bill, but will immediately be covered by a credit off-setting that charge. This benefit is considered non-taxable income and is not subject to withholding. Financial aid recipients who become RAs in their sophomore year will need to report earnings from the stipend and the value of the room and meals benefits as non-taxable income on the FAFSA and CSS Profile they submit in their senior year. This may impact eligibility for federal aid programs.

Although financial aid recipients will no longer see the RA Grant in their aid package, we will still meet 100% of demonstrated need for all students. Beginning in fall 2019, we will no longer include student loans in need-based financial aid packages.

The average value of the compensation plan for all RAs, including the room and meals benefits and stipend, is estimated to be approximately $22,500 annually.

The financial aid advisers in the Office of Student Financial Services are available to help students understand the impact RA compensation might have on their financial aid package. The Office of Student Financial Services will work closely with Residential Life to arrange meetings with current and prospective RAs who receive financial aid in January to review their aid application materials and will provide students with an early financial aid award. In the future, we will also have worksheets on our website to help students plan.

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