What does it cost to attend Johns Hopkins University?

The budget includes direct expenses for which Hopkins will bill you, such as tuition, fees, and room and meals if you stay on-campus. Indirect expenses are also included as part of the budget; however, the university will not bill you directly for these expenses. Indirect expenses include off-campus living expenses, books, supplies, personal expenses, and travel. Some students will spend more than our estimates, and others will spend less. Commuting students’ budgets are less than residential students’ budgets.

Please Note:
Incoming undergraduate students are charged a one-time $500 matriculation fee in the semester they enroll.

Health insurance is required for all students and is automatically billed. Students must provide proof of adequate coverage through their family or another source to have the charges waived. International students with an F1/J1 visa status may not waive out of coverage. The cost of JHU Health Insurance for 2022-2023 is $2,482.

Average Federal Direct loan fees are added to the student budget if a student/parent borrows a Federal Direct Loan.

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