Customize financing options to meet your family's needs

Hopkins families from a variety of financial backgrounds take advantage of one or more of these flexible options to cover college costs.

Students on campus
Payment Plan

The flexibility to pay college costs over time

The Office of Student Accounts offers a no interest payment plan that allows families to divide semester costs across as many as five equal monthly payments. Participants pay an enrollment fee of $55 per semester. The plans are flexible and accessible online, allowing participants to make adjustments throughout the semester as needed. Approximately 20% of Hopkins undergraduates utilize this adjustable plan. Click here to learn more and enroll.

Borrowing Options

Defer educational costs until after graduation with convenient borrowing options


Utilize outside scholarships to reduce your student expectation

Students may use outside scholarships to reduce their summer savings expectation and work-study expectation. If outside scholarships exceed your total summer savings expectation and work-study expectation, your JHU Grant will be reduced dollar for dollar. For most undergraduate students, this means that you can receive up to $4,500 in outside scholarships before there are any reductions to your JHU Grant funding.

Outside scholarships are disbursed directly to the student’s account, giving families more flexibility to cover billed costs. In recent years, nearly 15% of all undergraduate students applied outside scholarship funding to their JHU bill. If the bill is already paid, any additional funding would be refunded directly to the student. Visit our Grants and Scholarships page for more information.

Work Opportunities

Part-time work may be a valuable resource to cover educational expenses

Federal and institutional work study programs offer students the opportunity to work part-time during the academic year, typically 10-15 hours per week, to help cover educational expenses. In recent years, about half of JHU students have worked on-campus during the academic year. Learn more about how part-time work may fit into your family’s plan to pay for college.