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Apply for financial aid to be considered for the following types of assistance: need-based grants, loans or work opportunities. You do not need to apply for financial aid to be considered for Johns Hopkins’ merit-based scholarships only.

Observe the deadlines as funding may not be available for late applicants. Your financial aid application is considered independently of your application for admission. If admitted, you will receive a financial aid award notice with your admissions packet.

Applying for financial aid is relatively easy. A summary of the required documents and their respective deadlines is listed below. Further details pertaining to each document is noted in the following section.



Student Financial Services requires three basic requirements to determine your aid eligibility: the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and tax documents. Click on each below to learn more.

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Financial aid appeal process

If financial circumstances are affecting your ability to attend Johns Hopkins, we would like to have the opportunity to reconsider your eligibility for financial aid. Our goal is to offer you the best possible financial aid package based on your family’s current financial situation within the parameters of existing policies, federal regulations and the availability of funds.

An increase in aid is most often the result of financial circumstances that have changed or that we did not know about at the time of your original application. Examples include loss of income, unexpected medical expenses not covered by insurance, and other unusual life events that affect your family’s ability to pay for college.

Contact an aid adviser for further assistance.

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