Student Financial Services

We are committed to supporting undergraduates and their families throughout the financial aid process, keeping at the forefront the health and safety of our students and staff.

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To connect with Student Financial Services, we have provided you with several different ways to contact us below.

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Student Financial Services is dedicated to helping students and their families understand and evaluate financial aid options. Whether you are a newly admitted undergraduate student or a current Blue Jay, we are here to answer your questions and help you along your journey.

If you’re a newly admitted student or current Blue Jay, you have been assigned an adviser based on your last name.

To get to know and connect with your assigned financial aid adviser, please select the name of your assigned financial aid adviser below.

Undergraduate Students

AAA CAN: Rebecca Schachter
CAO — ELM: Funsho Andrew
ELN — GHZ: Jennifer Palmer
GIA — KAS: Karen Vanegas
KAT — LEO: Elizabeth Baskerville 
LEP — NGX: Javier Avila
NHA — ROB: Albertha Mellerson
ROC — TES: Madhuri Vairapandi
TET — ZZZ: Pamela Mason

Graduate Students

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Meet Our Staff

Tom McDermott, Assistant Vice Provost for Financial Aid and Executive Director, Student Financial Services
Joy Allyson Barker-Kaack, Administrative Assistant to Tom McDermott
Quinton Taylor, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Chris Richardson, Senior Financial Analyst

Brittany Peterson, Associate Director of Communications and Digital Strategy

Federal Student Aid Programs
Jean Coleman, Senior Assistant Director
Yurisa Santos, Assistant Director
Gail Ingram, Academic Services Specialist

Financial Aid Advising
Brian Lemma,
Senior Associate Director for Advising
Elizabeth Baskerville, Senior Assistant Director
Pamela Mason, Assistant Director
Albertha Mellerson, Senior Assistant Director
Rebecca Schachter, Assistant Director
Madhuri Vairapandi, Senior Assistant Director
Karen Vanegas, Assistant Director

Jennifer Palmer, Senior Assistant Director of Outreach
Javier Avila, Assistant Director of Outreach
Funsho Andrew, Assistant Director of Outreach

Scholarship Programs and Technical Operations
Ellen Ostendorf, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Systems
Owen Larson, Senior Assistant Director
Wendy Boyer, Academic Services Specialist

Mailing Address
3400 N. Charles Street
146 Garland Hall
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Telephone / FAX
(410) 516-8028
FAX: (786) 513-2839

Office Hours
8:30 AM–4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday (phones open until 5:00 PM EST)

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